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Copyright Suit

The design and elements of “imgpaper.com” are fully customized which sells as a complete mural design/art. Our ImgPaper teams are very careful about creating a design for selling. We normally collect lots of elements or modify them to create a new one. Users can use the original materials for commercial purposes if they follow the ImgPaper terms of use, but users are not allowed to sublicense the original artworks. If any copyright issues are uploaded by “ImgPaper” please inform us: info@imgpaper.com  


About ImgPaper:

Imgpaper is the largest Home Decor Design Template Provider in the world. Our images are regularly used on commercial and non-commercial platforms. We don't have copyright on our design.  If you have any query about us kindly Contact Us.


 Structure of User Agreement:

The following agreement must be read carefully before you can download or use any content.


Intellectual Property Rights:


Authorized User:

ImgPaper always builds a better relationship between company and customer. That’s why we need registered or logged users to submit the personal information that we want for legal information. If any customer wants to make a design buy firstly they have to complete their registration form for Sign Up procedure.


Account Creation:

For account creation, you have to fill up all the information which we want to know so that we make sure you are eligible for registration. You have to put in your (Email, Phone & Password) to become a user of ImgPaper. Customers can log in to him/her in two ways one is (Email/ Phone/ Username & Password) and another way is Social Media Account (Google, Facebook, Twitter)  Login, must ensure reCAPTCHA "you are not a robot".


Use Capacity / Areas:

Customers who buy a design from us can download those designs anytime in their lifetime. Customers can use Wallpaper Design/ Art/ Images commercially and non-commercially but nobody cannot make copyright our Design/ Art/ Images.


Sell or Buy Formalities:

The customers who want to buy a design artwork from us have to always put or submit their own and real information for creating an account in ImgPaper.



ImgPaper always says that customers have to always maintain or make some duty to stand a better relationship with us. Customers don’t have a right to break any regulations of our website.


Age Restriction:

Above 18+ anyone can Sign Up and Buy any Design.

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