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Personal Data:

We require some of your personal data for the Signup and order system.

Moreover, we would like to offer you personalized customer service and individual offers that are always tailored to your needs. We collect personal data, communication data, contract data, licensing data, website behavior, and advertising-related data for this purpose. We always follow the regulations in this regard, as well as the storage and deletion periods prescribed by law.

In this case, we aren't obligated to collect any data that can be directly associated with you when you visit our marketplace. Statistics can include, for example, what pages of our marketplace are most popular or how many visitors visit a certain page on the ImgPaper.


Collection, Processing, use of Personal Data:

ImgPaper website is committed to protecting your privacy. Our company collects, stores, and processes your data to process your purchase, including any subsequent warranties, for our services, technical administration, and marketing. We will only hand over your personal data to third parties for the purpose of executing the contract, billing you, or if you have given consent to this transfer.

User Accessibility:

ImgPaper is like a marketplace where anyone can buy or sell a custom design. Here we divide two segments one is customers and another is contributors where those two users make two different systems and visit some accessible areas like account opening, buy design, order custom design, etc. For opening an account we need some basic info that can make your account unique.


Use of your Data for Advertising purposes: 

Additionally, we use your information to communicate with you about your orders, specific products or marketing promotions, and to recommend products or services that may be of interest to you. We reserve the right if you have provided us your Email as part of the sale of products or services and you have not objected to receiving offers for similar products, such as those already purchased, from our range by email.


We use the following plugins on our websites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

The social network plugins can be deactivated with one click on any page on our website, or you can turn off third-party cookies in your browser settings if you don't want them to collect data about you via active plugins. Cookies are not sent to the server for embedded content from other providers.

Secure Data Transmission:

Your personal information is encrypted during transmission. This applies to both your order and your customer login. ImgPaper website security is ensured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Although no one can guarantee absolute security, we protect our websites, other systems, and their data by taking technical and organizational measures to prevent loss, destruction, unauthorized access, modification, and dissemination.


Social Login:

We use the "Google, Facebook or Twitter Connect" feature offered. You will first be redirected to your social media account if you want to use this feature. There you will be asked to Login with your email and password. Your social media registration data is not stored by us. This step will be skipped if you are already logged in to your Social media account. We are informed by social media, which data will be transmitted to us (Profile Name, Photo, Email). You confirm this with the “OK” button. With the transmitted data we create your customer account, whereby other information is not stored by us. There is no permanent link between your customer account and your Social media account.


Subscription Methodology:

Do you want daily, weekly & monthly offers? Don't worry! Our newsletter offer is sent only by email if you subscribe to our website.


Cookies Policy:

The cookies used by ImgPaper do not store your personal data. When the cookie is activated, it will be assigned an identification number. Cookies only provide pseudonymous information, for example, which pages of our marketplace were visited, which products were viewed, etc.


You will be notified of any changes to the Policy by email: info@imgpaper.com

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